Saturday, February 24, 2018
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The Analog Shop, Inc. is your go to place for all things analog. We can check out your current record player for cartridge/stylus condition, replace stylus/cartridges, replace belts, and very carefully adjust everything so you get the best out of it.

We offer the best selection of new turntables, phono cartridges and accessories in the United States. To view all the different products on offer please visit our Products page and click on Analog

Below we feature some of the many record players we offer -- cool eh?







SME - Model 15


Take advantage of our 30 plus years experience selling and setting up this beautiful brand. 

Simply incredible turntable and tonearm combinations. We have the SME 15 and V arm as well as the S309 options on hand for your listening pleasure. 






McIntosh - MT5













Superb turntable with very, very good build quality. Exudes parts quality and craftsmenship....comes complete with hinged gorgeous dustcover. Luxman tonearm with detachable headshell (spares available for multi cartridge collections).  Classic styling looks just fantastic and sounds sooooooo good!

















Acoustic Signature - WOW XL German craftsmenship and know how. It's shown here with Rega RB-303 and clamp. - Superb sound and build quality ....starting at $2,295.00


Acoustic Signature has turntable and arm combinations starting at $1,995.00 (WOW - non XL with Rega RB-202) 



We have lots of experience with Linn Products....LP-12 in particular....simply awesome record players....







Linn - EKOS SE 


---simply marvelous---














Clearaudio Ovation Turntable with Clarify tonearm and Dynavector 10X5 cartridge - sublime



This table has Panzerholtz sandwiched between two skins of aluminum construction. The sound is wide open. It features the Clearaudio "Optical Speed Control" technology which continuously monitors a micro infrared strobe to ensure exact speed stability. The motor, integrated within and effectively decoupled from the main chassis, drives a precision machined aluminium sub-platter and main 40mm POM platter, both of which are supported by Clearaudio's patented CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing) technology. 

We have the absolute best buy 10X5 high output MC cartridge by Dynavector mounted.

Truly a fantastic analog journey awaits you with dead silent backgrounds and pitch stability un-heard of in this price range.




We have the brand new Clearaudio Performance DC table w/Virtuoso v2 Ebony

phono cartridge installed, the twister clamp and custom dustcover....





Clearaudio Performance DC up and running! Quiet, quiet background...amazing speed stability and un-heard of build in this price range....sounds really excellent!








Rega offers a large selection of Turntables with a broad range of prices. We have sold and set up all of them. No dealer in America has more experience with these fine products. 





SME 30 w/V tonearm and Benz LP cartridge...



Clearaudio Ovation table - comes in many finish options....a killer mid priced design.





Another shot of the amazing SME 30...




Clearaudio Performance SE w/Carbon Satisfy arm

Newest Dynavector 20X MK 2 cartridge -- excellent match for this table.

You can see the stand alone motor in the rear bottom left corner....superb

Clearaudio Innovation Wood w/Phantom II tonearm


We have one of the finest sounding turntables in the world on hand to listen to. Several fellows who have heard it

all left deeply impressed by what this combo does for LP playback. We had the very new Benz Ruby Z mounted up.
The phono stage was
the Aesthetix Rhea. We demonstrated how cool it is to be able to adjust vta, gain and loading
at will and the benefits of having that available. All parties left the
store very impressed and planning on upgrading!



Unbelievable sound, looks, speed stability and VALUE!

Clearaudio Concept

The latest model "The Concept" by Clearaudio is a knockout product and we give our highest recommendation to it -- As you can see by the image it is striking to look at, built beautifully, very quiet and a bargain to boot.

$1,400.00 + the cartridge of your choice....

Music Hall 5.1 se

Only $1,095.00

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