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Branford Marsalis Quartet - Upward Spiral

This new recording from Branford Marsalis and Kurt Elling bring their immense strengths together. Listening to the album for the first time I was reminded of the great "John Coltane & Johnny Hartman" album. I don't think I can pay it a greater compliment than that.  


 John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman

If you don't have this....start here





 Stefano Bollani - Stone In The Water

This ECM title from 2009 has really stood the test of time for me. Simply beautiful, thoughtful and carefully crafted Jazz. The recording is sublime. 


February 24th - Something Wicked This Way Comes!

I will be staying up until midnight on the 23rd to purchase the brand new 24/96 remaster.


I love this record and had it immediately when it was released 40 years ago. If you remember back then - radio stations would play big rock releases like this in their entirety on Friday night. This was days before they would come out in stores the next Tuesday. I had my trusty JVC stereo 8-track tape deck all set up with brand new Maxell tape to record it. That whole weekend we [myself and my friends] rode around in my Dad's 1971 Ford Mach 1 Mustang listening to it. I hope to get some fraction of that adolescent thrill in the next few days.



 My favorite album from this past year. Stellar playing, sound and staying power. I have easily played this recording 100 times and I still enjoy it. A modern masterpiece that anyone can appreciate. Having a top notch audiophile system will pay off here.  The fine folks from the Marsalis family will be in your listening area. 


Joe Henry - Invisible Hour

 -- Singer, songwriter and producer --

I might be the biggest fan in the world of Joe Henry. The reason I say might be is because I have never seen him live....yet. He only plays a hand full of dates in the biggest cites. So far I just have not been able to do it. Anyway, this is his 13th release and it is another gem. If you think you like T. Bone Burnette you will love Joe Henry. T. Bone's last few records [more than a few] he has produced all sound very natural with too much bass [Jacob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Greg Allman]. Joe really gets it when it come to sound quality and this latest effort is magnificent. Imagine if you will...a Chesky Records type sound by an artist who is incredible. Joe's recording career has almost as much breadth as artists like David Bowie [although they are nothing alike]. The 1992 album "Short Man's Room" features The Jayhawks as the backing band during their most important period. "Fuse" and "Scar" were very trip hoppy sounding. I think if I was to recommend three to start it would be the latest one "Invisible Hour", "Short Man's Room" and "Schuffletown". 

See Joe's website for more info: Joe Henry




The Blue Nile - Peace at Last 2014 remaster expanded

The Blue Nile is one of my absolute favorite bands. Originally signed to Linn Records in the early 1980's

30 plus years later and only 4 albums have been released. Victoria told me the other day... new Blue Nile album coming out April 1st. I was thrilled and as soon as I had a moment I looked into it. I was initially disappointed it was a re-issue from 1996. I am happy to say I am not disappointed, but thrilled with this release. A quick check on Amazon revealed a 2-disc set remaster/remixed with lots of previously unreleased stuff for $30.49. I received an email a few days ago from HDTracks showing it available for download now and in 24/44.1 - Even better, it was only $17.98 plus 10% off. I have played a bit of it. If you do not own it, don't even think twice about buying it. This is really how it should be. New music released sooner, in better quality [or at least as good - not MP3] and for less money than physical media. Bravo. 



Kurt Vile - Walkin on a Pretty Daze

"His sound-- warm, unhurried, and spacious" - Pitchfork magazine review

I really dig this album. I find it Lou Reed ish in the best sense of the word. Available on Vinyl too...I have the CD and find the sound to be quite good. On the way cool Matador label.  


Eric Clapton - Give Me Strength The 1974/75 recordings

I received this 6 disc set as a requested Christmas gift this year. I am a really big fan of the 3 albums featured and expanded here. There are no revelations sonically on 461 Ocean this album has been remastered before on MFSL Gold CD and Vinyl/SACD/SHM-SACD/SHM-CD/DTS [I have em all], etc. The really cool thing is all the bonus material, some never before released. These extra tracks really do sound incredible [on both 461 and There's One in Every Crowd]. The packaging is really good too with lots of great images/text to view /read while enjoying. "EC was here" is expanded now to stretch over two discs. There is a great complete album of an unreleased session with Freddie King on disc 5 and disc 6 is a bluray with multiple multi channel mixes. 


Bottom Line... if you are a fan it is a must have...if not...pass




Tonight we are huddled in front of the flat screen happy to have nice audio gear connected




Linn Music is featuring free high res downloads everyday until Christmas.

You have to register which is sort of painless. Get yours today!

I have downloaded each and every one since this post. I must admit I have not played them yet, kind of busy right now making toys. I plan to have a massive Linn free download playback session. From the description of these tracks I must say I am excited to hear them.



Hdtracks 24/192 download R.E.M. -- MURMUR

Hdtracks have really stepped up the new release quantity lately. To my knowledge this is the first

high-res release of REM's Murmur. Until just recently all the Warner titles have just been the same ones

that have all been released on DVD-A titles previously. We have all the ones that matter and have transferred

those to computer files long ago. It is exciting to see new titles now. It also seems the transfer chain is the

best it has been. I am not sure who remastered this exactly....It sounds really good. We can compare it to the

original LP, the Mo-fi gold CD, the Mo-fi Lp, the recent deluxe edition re-issue...I won't say for sure right now

if this is the definitive edition. I will say that if you don't have all the others and care about this music then

download it now! I will also trust my gut upon hearing this that it is the best this album has ever sounded.

It is like the mastertape is spinning away at 30ips in your listening room.



I've been listening to the latest Mark Knopfler 2 disc set "Privateering" for a few days now...could not ask

for a better record in my, the new Bob Dylan "Tempest" and Aimee Mann's "The Charmer are all on repeat.

Great new music to usher in the Fall weather.




Finding a good rock record these days can be a depressing exercise. There are very few artists out there producing creative music. One guy that I've followed over the last few years is Jack White, who along with The Black Keys seem to be the only artists these days carrying the torch for blues based rock n' roll... even if Jack and Dan can't seem to get along, which is another story...

Jack White's work over the years, to me, has been quite creative. Sometimes uneven, but this is a creative artist and his newest album, Bluderbuss, is his best work. Streaming the album on MOG is enjoyable but the album is available on a very cool vinyl pressing with a blue colored 'lightning bolt' streaking across the black vinyl. Gotta get me a copy.


“Missing pieces”, “Sixteen Saltines”, and “Freedom at 21” open the album with crunchy guitars and a Raconteurs groove. That band produces some good results with the interplay between Jack and Brendan Benson, but although he brought bassist Jack Laurence along for the ride, Jack White has fully taken the reins on Blunderbuss and mixes the Raconteurs garage rock with more nuanced instrumentation featuring blues, rock, and even a hint of country and folk. Highlights include “Love Interruption”, “I’m Shakin” (the best cover of a Rudy Toombs composition since "One Bourban, One Scotch, One Beer”), and “Take Me With You When You Go Home”, the album’s epic closer.


All in all, there’s not a bad track on the album - enjoy!

Written by - Paul Goodwin


Welcome to our newest page on our website.

Here we will share both new and older

recordings of our favorite music with you.



The Maple Trail -- Cable Mount Warning


This just was released last week. I was not aware of them previously.

They hail from Australia. Very well recorded, up close miked acoustic stuff.

Vocal style is a cross between early Simon and Garfunkel and Meddle

period Pink Floyd. It starts off with really cool sounding cello.... Memorable

songs which is a must for me. It sounds really intimate on a high-end system.

....a real winner for us!


For now....I have a fantastic record to share with you.


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit "Here We Rest" It is on vinyl and CD





Jason was in Drive By Truckers previously. He has a great voice, is a master guitar player and crazy good lyricist. My very top, top

recommendation here.




Now for my two favorite albums this past year....





Blitzen Trapper - "American Goldwing"...available on CD and Vinyl This is the band's 6th release. Earlier this year the Portand, OR.

based band toured the East Coast...we were lucky enough to see them 2 times.. One of the shows was in Charlestown, WV

at Mountain Stage.....fantastic...





Ryan Adams' newest "Ashes and Fire"...Kind of picks up where the Whiskeytown-Strangers Almanac left off [which is a master-

piece in its own right] Just flat out fantastic and like American Goldwing the sound is very good...







Brand new - long awaited Kate Bush "50 Words for Snow" is out now....It is an incredible record.

I suggest you hang up here and go purchase it now.

Also on vinyl, I have the CD ripped into AIFF files playing through a 2010 SL 10.6.8 Mac Mini >

Audirvana Plus > Berkeley Alpha USB > PS Audio PWD right now....WOW!


We plan to make a few changes to our site. We will separate music into it's own segment

and equipment into another. By my last few posts I think you can see where my mind is at!

Really great audio is only a means to an end - music that thrills you.





We now have the ripped files from the newish "Wish You Were Here" box set. Interesting to compare the

stereo 24/48 to the 24/96 from blu-ray and the best WYWH has ever sounded.

Wish they included the 2011 remaster version in hi-rez...maybe the sacd is...anyone know?








The newest Peter Gabriel album "New Blood" has just come out. It is available in several iterations. I have the Special Edition

2-disc set and more importantly the 48/24 flac file available exclusively on the B&W Society of Sound website.

I decided to go for the 1 year membership after taking them up on the free trial membership. The free trial only offers

downloads of one track on some of the selections [at 16 bit quality] The Gabriel album is not only higher res than the

CD release it also a different album called "Half Blood". I am playing it right now and feel I already got my $59.95 worth!


There is also a bunch of other great music on the site. The new Gabriel album is a part two of the "Scratch my Back"

record from a few years ago. Scratch My Back is also available here in 48/24 with membership. I also downloaded a

new Thomas Dolby album in 24bit. I have not gotten to play it yet. I am impressed so far. Check it out!




If you are a Radiohead fan I highly recommend the 24bit download

of the latest album "The King Of Limbs" it is special. Available at the 7digital website exclusively. We love it!







The New Pink Floyd Re-issue series has been released this week. The initial impression is very good. We picked up

Darkside Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals. I was particularily interested in Animals since it has never really

had a proper remaster. WOW, I love it! Above pic is the famous pig that was relauched this week in promotion for the

new series. Wish You Were Here Box set looks very interesting....being released in early is an SACD



Will have Magnepan 3.7 speakers set up this coming week...people keep buying them before we can unpack the things!






Wow, things getting more and more interesting out there - High Res wise, that is....






Pink Floyd announce major High Resolution re-issue program!!!


Here is major news for most rock fans -- Pink Floyd full re-issue program.


Let's hope for SACD and High res downloads too!!!! Sounds like it will include all these things.


Here is a link to the EMI story --





Rollings Stones Titles now available via HDTracks... 24 bit 88.2 or 176.4 kHz available (higher resolution is more expensive).

If you missed out on the SACD's here is another chance...

Just listened to Big Hits (High Tide) and Through the Past Darkly @ 24 bit / 176.4 kHz -- wow this is really, really good.
Ask to hear it next visit. We have the SACD's of both titles and can do an A/B for you/ will be fun!

Limited titles right now. Sure hope the early 70's titles become available, [Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, etc.]

[never have been in high rez on any format, except lp's]






Today is George Harrison's Birthday...born in 1943...The coolest Beatle.




George circa 1970





Please check here for details of our next Computer Audio get together. There are several key people involved and when we can get all of them together here on a Friday or Saturday afternoon we will plan it.

Just got back from a wonderful trip to NYC for several days. We went to see our favorite band "The Church" at BB King's in Times Square. The Show was great and we had fantastic seats one table back from the stage there. We have a batch of great pictures and will put some up soon. Our first night we stayed in Mountclair, NJ with friends, nice town. Our friend's home has some cool music related history. Seems Joe Walsh of James Gang and Eagles fame grew up three doors down from them. The fellow who owned their home was a piano teacher and he gave lessons to Joe Walsh in that home when Joe was growing up.... We did a Sopranos tour that included several locations used in the series. I have a great picture of Tony Soprano's home to post here soon...More pics to come.


Victoria and me about to get a drink and refreshment before the big show.


If you ever find yourself with a bit of time to kill in NYC....check out Blind Tiger in the West Village on Bleeker


Best time to visit is afternoons...It is a true neighborhood bar with a fabulous assortment of truly special brews on tap, great food and a vibe money can't buy.




Picture taken with an Apple iphone of BB King's Marquee the night of the show in Times Square.


This is a fantastic venue to see live music. There is NOT a bad seat in the house. Service was very good. We did not

eat. Folks around us did and all said -- very good.



Steve Kilbey, Lead singer - The Church - February 2011



See we were in very good seats. That is Marty Willson-Piper on the right. He is a friend of ours...we helped him out with

some parts for his Linn LP-12 table. Marty is an avid record collector, great guitar player, and all round cool guy!


Steve Kilbey Foreground and Tim (TimEbandit) Powles on drums. He is responsible for my addiction to Zwack Unicom!




Almost 40 years ago to the day [November 27th, 1970] George Harrison's masterpiece "All Things Must Pass" has been re-released. The great news is the original mastertapes have been used and not the horrible remix of a few years ago. The album is available as a three record set and more importantly [I think] a 24bit 96khz download direct from the official George Harrison site.

I have the 24/96 files and have spent a bit of time listening. I can say it is a fantastic transfer. Parts of ATMP have always been very dense and hard to hear into. The new high resolution transfer really opens up and decompresses the sound. Suddenly string sections, horn sections, etc. are revealed in the mix.
There is a free wav. file sample of Wah Wah for download available (this is maybe the worst tune on the record).

...with my birthday just a few days away I can say I am very, very happy with this early gift from the archives. With the recent release of "Band on the Run" and now "All Things Must Pass" in high resolution download form, surely The Beatles catalog is to follow!

Here is the link-enjoy



The cool. This guy is over 30 feet tall and appears out of nowhere. This was stage right during the Roger Waters
and company performance of The Wall in its entirety Friday Night the 8th of October...Photo via my cell phone.

Here I am third from right with my friends at the end of the Roger Waters "The Wall" concert in Buffalo, NY Friday, October 8th.
We had front row center tickets Scott had purchased for us. What a spectacular show! In the picture left to right are my friends
Scott, Rich, Me and Dominic. If you look carefully you can see what is left of the massive WALL in the far right of the image.

Here is a link to a very cool review on the Buffalo Rising website --


Just Released as a SHM-SA-CD [Super High Material-SACD] in Japan...Got my copy today
and I must say the packaging is sumptuous!
This is the first high res issue of the classic Who's Next album.
I am playing it right now on the Esoteric X-05, Aesthetix Calypso and
Mark Levinson amp. The sound is very
good NOT BRIGHT with better fine detail. More listening is of course needed - so far so good. I also got the first
Dire Straits album and Steely Dan - Aja in the same SHM-SA-CD packages. Will have images and some detail on
the sound soon.

Magico V2's are shipping to us next week. We cannot wait to get em set up and running here.

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